Longest Concert Original Soundtrack

release date: 24.09.2022 on Bandcamp

about this album:
Longest Concert is a music theatre work that premiered in May 2022 in LICHTHOF Theater (Hamburg). It traces the audio history back and connects it to contemporary daily life. This album collected music from the music theatre and added a remix made by Hamburg DJ Transgression. With support by Stimme X e.V. Zeitgenössisches Musiktheater Norddeutschland.

album credits:
Mastering: Jan Wegmann
Art Direction: Shiwen Wang

track list:
1. Dong Zhou – Hello Girl
2. Jan Wegmann – On the Search for Something yet to be Lost 3. Dong Zhou – Arty Trashy
4. Martin Kohler – Piling up No. 1
5. Transgression – Art & Trash (Album Version)
6. Transgression – Art & Trash (Radio Edit)

about the artists:

Jan Wegmann (*1992 Stuttgart) studied Musikdesign at the HfM Trossingen and Multimedia Composition at the HfMT Hamburg. His work focuses on small details, which he gives room to unfold and reveals crossovers and tensions between different materials. He creates mostly static structures of layers, sometimes abstract, sometimes ironic, but always combined with the goal of a holistic and concentrated result. His compositions often have a performative component, exploring the expressiveness and presence of a person on a stage or in a performance context.

Martin Kohler

“The exceeding of due bounds or limits”.
With this alias Nico Tanner symbolizes the break from the style people are used to expect from her.
Both musically as well as socially she exceeds the constraints of the norms. As a trans woman she wants to show her pride by including “Trans” in her name.
The hard and fast music she creates under this name is reflected by “Transgression” very well, with drum and bass being her main focus.

Dong Zhou (no pronouns) is a composer-performer based in Hamburg. Zhou gained the B. A. in music engineering in Shanghai conservatory and M.A. in multimedia composition in HfMT Hamburg. Zhou was commissioned by Shanghai International Art Festival, ZKM Karlsruhe and Stimme X Festival. Zhou is one of the four finalists of 2019 Deutscher Musikwettbewerb.

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