release date: 24.03.2023 on Bandcamp

about this album:

In 2022 DOG TRIO commissioned the composers Aigerim Seilova and Orestis Papaioannou to compose new pieces for their instrumentation. It was supported by the Neue Start Kultur program of Deutsche Musikrat.

album credits:

Soprano: Pia Davila
Piano: Hanne Franzen 
Electronics: Dong Zhou
Composition: Orestis Papaioannou (Urban Songs), Aigerim Seilova (Bir Bala)
Recording: Taizhi Shao (Urban Songs), Claudia Neumann (Bir Bala)
Mixing: Dong Zhou (Urban Songs), Claudia Neumann (Bir Bala)
Cover Art: Shiwen Wang


DOG TRIO is an ensemble for soprano, electronics and piano from Hamburg, Germany. The members are: Pia Davila (soprano), Hanne Franzen (piano) and Dong Zhou (multimedia composition). They play contemporary music for soprano and/or piano and electronics and find multimedia elements to extend their performance.

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